One Accurate Measurement is Worth 1000 Expert Opinions

Welcome to Lasers, Inc.

Lasers, Inc. a service company specializing in providing extremely accurate measurements and adjustments for machine tool accuracy improvement. Troubleshooting & diagnostic testing for accuracy problems "On Site", for Conventional Machine Tools, CNC, X-Y Stages, EDM, Water Jet and Laser Cutting Machines.

We provide service in several manufacturing fields and enviroments including:

  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Gas and Oil Turbine manufacturing
  • Gear Grinding, Hobbing, Shaping
  • Tool and Die manufacturing
  • Microchip and circuit board clean room enviroments
  • Mold manufacturing
  • Plastic injection molding machines
  • Medical
  • Furniture

Our service is committed to:

Increasing Profits, Precision & Quality!
Maximizing Machine Tool Investments & Productivity!
Reducing Maintenance & Machine Downtime!
Minimizing Programming, Editing & Inspection Time!
Decreasing Scrap & Production Costs!

With our laser measuring and accuracy troubleshooting expertise you will enhance the performance of your Machine Tools & Robotics currently used in your manufacturing processes.

Laser Measuring and Ball-Bar testing are the most reliable and efficient techniques for machine tool calibration and trouble shooting.

Troubleshooting Accuracy Problems on Machine Tools
Making Rebuilding Decisions on Old Machine Tools
Checkout & Initial Certification of New & Used Machine Tools
Calibration & Certification of Machine Tools & currently in use
Telescopic Ball Bar Testing for Circularity
Measurements of Linear & Rotary Axis Positioning, Repeatability, Straightness, Flatness, Velocity, Angular Displacement (Pitch, Yaw & Roll), Level, Square and Geometrical Alignments
Two-Axis Pivoting Heads (5-Axis Machines)
Pitch Error & Ball-Screw Compensation Adjustments
Backlash & Reversal Error Troubleshooting and Adjustments
Training Courses for Laser Measuring Instruments
Quality Control Consulting with respect to Machine Tool Accuracy


To assist you with your marketing, sales & quality control, we supply easily readable calibration reports, detailing the machine accuracy capability both before and after calibration. These reports can be submitted to your present and future customers substantiating the accuracy and capabilities in your manufacturing processes.

Lasers, Inc. provides more than just laser measuring and graph producing techniques. Our technicians go one step further and make adjustments and corrections to obtain the greatest degree of accuracy and repeatability possible on your machines. 

We provide certification for your machine on an annual and semi-annual basis. Furthermore, we provide current Certification and Traceability on our testing equipment to ANSI / NCSL Z540-1-1994 (R2002) and a quality system registered to ISO9001:2008. Traceability is to national standards administered by the U.S. NIST, NRC Canada, Euromet members (NPL, PTB, BNM, etc,) and other recognized standards laboratories. All of our calibration sources are ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited.

Tim T. Johnson, CFO
Measuring the X-axis on a small Vertical Machining Center