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Written Testimonials

When upgrading CNC machine controls our customers will frequently demand improved precision and repeatability. We count on Lasers Inc. to measure each axis, point out any mechanical deficiencies, then generate the compensation tables required. Tim and his staff of experienced technicians show up on time, with the equipment needed, and get to work right away. Machines in Motion, Inc. counts on Lasers Inc. to make us look good.
Doug Laursen, PresidentMachines in Motion, Inc.Chino Hills, CA714.528.7061cnc-machine-controls.com
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

As the owner of Aerospace Machine Tool LLC, I have seen a massive change within our industry. Personally in my 37 year experience I have seen the golden age of Automatics, the market movement to NC and then CNC. We have seen CNC Control companies reach the pinnacle of success only to be swallowed up and replaced with newcomers. Through it all Lasers Inc, have been there to converse with all forms of NC's, CNC's and assisted at times with conventional machine tools.From the inception of Lasers Inc we have worked together on machine installations, machine repairs, machine calibrations, leveling, Straightness verification, linear compensation and machine geometry.From H&H Wilson to DeVlieg and now as the owner of AMTS for the last seventeen years, I have utilized Lasers Inc metrology expertise throughout the USA. When I travel on business we call upon Lasers Inc, to make sure the machine is operating as it should if not better than original and guaranteeing the accuracy of the machine before the completion of the project. I would call on no one else.Their expertise and understanding of machine tool concepts, CNC control variety and their expediency is second to none. As for the future, machines may change, however there will always be the need for recorded accuracy and if AMTS is on the project you can bet Lasers Inc, will be there too.
Andrew DonnellyTool Engineer/TechnicianAerospace Machine Tool LLC949.291.4335
Our experience working with Lasers, Inc. has always been a very positive one. They have always been a great asset to helping Microtrol Engineering with quality on our machine tool retrofits and rebuilds. Their extensive knowledge on machine tool alignments and compensation make our jobs very successful.
Brandt FinePresidentMicrotrol EngineeringTorrance, CAwww.microtrolengineering.com
Lasers Inc. has worked on two large gantry milling machines for Nissan Design of America. One a calibration on an existing machine and the other a new install calibration and set up. The service and follow up to our needs was excellent and the ability of the technicians to work directly with the machine OEM team was great. As always with new installations, the timeline is not exact and the demands of supporting teams like Lasers Inc. is high. At every turn Lasers, Inc. was able to respond and accommodate our needs for a successful job. Thanks to Lasers Inc., we are producing milled properties with greater accuracy than we have seen in the past.
Thank you,Matt StrubleModel Realization Sr. ManagerNissan Design America, Inc.San Diego, CA
I used Lasers, Inc. services for more than 15 years. I had used other similar companies in the past. When I had critical machinery down and required accuracy troubleshooting and adjustments on both my N/C and conventional machines, Lasers, Inc. and Tim Johnson, became my go to guy. Lasers, Inc. always provided great services and were very flexible, even when situations required special working conditions or extended working hours. Their work was always professional and complete. Our metrology department selected Lasers, Inc. for implementing an annual certification program on our machine tools, which enabled us to perform on machine part inspections. Lasers, Inc. is a great company to work with. They communicate well, show up on time as scheduled and they do what is expected every time. Their service is Top Gun.
Jim KeeneyManager N/C Maintenance, RetiredThe Boeing CompanyHuntington Beach, CA
Stolle Preferred Machining has used Lasers, Inc. on several occasions. Tim and his crew are very knowledgeable in the critical physical alignment as well as axial compensation needed to reestablish the machine's factory accuracies. They are very easy to work with, dependable and perform their work in a safe and professional manner. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Greg WiesnerDirector of OperationsStolle Preferred MachiningEnglewood, Colorado
Lasers, Inc. has been utilized by EPI Construction Equipment Division starting in 1989. Tim and his staff measured and adjusted the accuracy on many of our CNC, conventional machines and Laser Cutting machines, as well as two very important layout machines. During my tenure, when Tim and his team were required, he never hesitated to service our needs in a timely manner. Once on site, his team was always working when I arrived early in the morning and was there well past our quitting time, to assure as little down time on our machines as possible. As a product Manager, one of my machines was a 35-foot laser cutting machine, which was used for military projects. The need to keep this machine running production with tight tolerance accuracy and minimal down-time was of utmost importance. His team's dedication to this particular machine was of high value and always appreciated for this operation. Lasers, Inc. provides detailed, N.I.S.T. Traceable and easily understandable graphs of machine accuracy, which satisfy the requirements of many of our customers and especially the government when producing military products. I recommend Lasers, Inc. to any and all companies, large and small with any type of machines. As Lasers, Inc. web site states, "One Accurate Measurement is Worth One Thousand Expert Opinions"
Bob Violette FMTV Manager (Retired)EPI Construction Equipment DivisionLubbock, TX
We have been using Lasers Inc. on continual basis to perform positioning and alignment calibrations as we move large milling machines across the Los Angeles area. Our schedule to get back into production is very tight as customer deliveries are strained by lost machine time and heavy backlogs. Lasers Inc. has gone above and beyond the call of duty to be able to fit us into their schedule and meet our timing needs.

In addition, the quality of work performed by Lasers Inc. is exemplary. We have seen a high level of skill in technician's analysis and approach to the alignment process and understanding of the machine control. The reports package is the best we have seen. After calibrations, our machine performance has never been questioned as a result of the moves. On one occasion, the Lasers Inc. employee stayed onsite until 11:00 pm as we worked through various machine issues. We will continue to use Lasers Inc. in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Anand CornelioAdvanced Manufacturing Engineering ManagerCadence Aerospace, Astro Spar Arden OperationsAnaheim, CA
There are a few concerns in our business that have a great impact on our success. Some of the concerns are; timeframe, reliability, honesty, and the number one thing is service. I always believed that service can make or break any company.

I started in the machining industry quite some time ago, when programming axial insertion machines and loading parameters in controls on machines using paper tape was a daily occurrence. I have over 30 years in this field and have worked with and continue to work with all types of machine tool related service personnel.

Dealing with Tim, Lasers Inc., in one word if I had to pick one would be "Showcase". For the word Service I recommend Lasers Inc. I have picked Lasers Inc. over other companies many times. I could give many instances where dealing with Lasers Inc. first hand showed all my concerns listed above being met and surpassed.

For those of you who know me, you know I give praise to those who have earned it and deserve it! You also know I have let the service personal or the companies they work for know how I felt when their work was not satisfactory. I have called the Presidents and owners of companies to let them know how our problems with the machines were not solved. For Lasers Inc. I have only praise.
Joseph A. GarciaAcromil CorporationAllied MechanicalOntario, CA
I have been associated with Lasers Inc. since their beginning over 25 years ago, and they have always performed excellent service for annual calibration, new machine installations, retrofits and alignment. Tim and his team are punctual, professional and will work whatever hours it takes to get the job done. I would highly recommend their service to anyone.
Russell RiceProduction ManagerSanta Fe Enterprises
I have worked in 4 major machine shops in southern California and those shops always used Lasers Inc. to calibrate there machines because they are very good at what they do. There service is outstanding and they are very honest & stand behind their work and very good to work with. I will always recommend Lasers Inc. to others in this industry.
Greg GillespieValley Tool and Machine Company
First off Happy New Year 2016, hope your Holidays went well. I just wanted to follow up with you on the Motion Master Service you performed for us. We finally got approval to proceed with the machining of the panels and received back positive data on the inspection reports The Team here is very pleased with the results and in a few cases really surprised some folks on the repeatability we are seeing out of the Motion Master.

technicians did an awesome job and as always you guys rock!

Thank you for the outstanding service performed on out Motion Master Machine. As customer demands grow on the accuracy of parts being manufactured so does the demands we put on our equipment. Your quick turnaround time and knowledgeable staff was able to understand our end goal and put a plan in place that ultimately enable us to meet the stringent requirements put on us by our customer.
Shiloh AnguesProcess Center ManagerOrbital ATK Space SystemsSan Diego, CA
Tim you provided an excellent adjustment and calibration on our CNC machines and our super flat bonding platens. Your service has enabled us to operate the machines and use the bonding platens with high precision and accuracy to produce high quality products. We'll have three other machines in need of calibration soon.
Sean TabatabaiSr. Manufacturing EngineerNewport CorporationIrvine, CA
Lasers, Inc. has been a key component in our ability to deliver perfect parts to our aerospace customers. They keep our machines in specification, inspire confidence in our machining capabilities and they have been a great partner for over 20 years.
Jody LayPresident / General ManagerHansen Engineering CompanyHarbor City, CA
Since the 1980's, Lasers, Inc. has either met the geometric tolerances of the machine, brought it in specification by leveling or calibrated readouts, mostly CNC based. I recommend them to anyone.
Bob ReaganVice President of ManufacturingCertified Fabrications, Inc.